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Over the past few years Spotify has become of great importance to the online community of music online. We have seen Spotify grow into one of the Leading streaming services available on the internet. It has become the streaming service used by all the young people of our generation. Spotify is used my millions each day and it has still not grown to its full potential. People are saying that within the next few years, Spotify will be the Number One streaming music service on the internet. It even has been rated and documents on Forbes magazine, which is of course one of the most credible magazines of our time. New and old artists are rushing to buy Spotify plays to grow their credibility along with growing their online reputation. Spotify which was started in Sweden now has over 15 million monthly users and growing. We here at GetCheapLikes.Com recommend that for any new Artist that would like to start reaching the download charts Buy Spotify Plays and increase your play count now.