Frequently Asked Questions

1Are these users real? How do you gather these likes, followers, views Or Plays?
Due to the accelerated nature of our services, the Followers, Views and Play that we offer are in large part from inactive user accounts. Yes, we admit it, they are mostly inactive. This means that they will not engage, like, comment or share on your social profiles. They are for credibility and vanity purposes.Our services should be used by musicians, performers, businesses and individuals looking to increase their credibility and give their accounts a kickstart in the social media sphere.
2Do you offer discounts?
We tried to keep our prices as minimum as possible. But If you think you you need a little something from our side to start our journey together, just give us a message. Our Customer Support will see what can we do. All our returning clients gets a flat 20% Discounts though. You will find that coupon code on your order complete email.
3Do you take custom/bulk order?
Yes we do. Just talk to us. We will find something for you.
4What is 2 Years Protection Replacement?
Even after our service is completed, with in 2 years if you see any drop of our followers, you will be eligible to get all those things back. Free of cost. Just send us a message.
5Are these services safe from the Interweb?
Yes. Absolutely. We works with in their terms of service. You have nothing to worry about.
6I want refund.
Well we are truly sorry to hear that. But if you want and contact us before we start working on your service, we will refund your transaction fully.