Frequently Asked Questions

General questions & answers

Rest assured that your information is kept private. We never sell or give out information to third-party companies or individuals. The information shared within our company is also limited. Moreover, contractors and staff are bound by the non-disclosure agreement that they signed, preventing them from giving out information to unauthorized individuals.
Payments made using PayPal, banks cards, and credit cards no matter what your currency is will be automatically converted to US dollars. It will follow the exchange rate of the two currencies on the date of payment.
While we do not directly support Direct Bank Payment or Automated Clearing House (ACH) on our website, you may do this via PayPal. Add your bank account to your PayPal account, and choose this option when you pay using PayPal.
Yes, debit and credit card payments are accepted. Select PayPal when checking out; then choose Credit Card. You will be asked to type in your credit or debit card information and address for billing. Complete the check out process as usual.
Yes We accept Bitcoin payment.
Yes. You will be taken to the PayPal login page where you can enter your details and make payments as you usually do.
We do our best to ensure that you will not experience any difficulty in ordering on our site. We sincerely apologize if ever you encounter this concern. If that is the case, please let our support team know about the issue right away so they can help resolve the matter as soon as possible. You also have the option to upload a screenshot of the problem to Imgur ( Send the link of the uploaded image to our support team and specific information of what occurred.
We offer full refund on most of the services that we provide.
More than 70,000 happy clients can attest to that. We recommend that you check our review page for the feedbacks on our company. We also listed some of the things that we take pride of: 1. We do not require the login details of your social media accounts. 2. We ensure secured transactions on various payment methods such as PayPal, Checkout, ATM/Debit Cards, and Credit Cards. 3. We provide full refund for all orders that were not completed. 4. We offer Retention Guarantee that will assure you of longstanding result.
Social media marketing is our specialty. Through the years that we’ve been in this business, we have found a way to effectively deliver superior quality service at an affordable rate.

Questions and Answers Related to Instagram

It usually takes 1 to 2 days for us to start your Instagram campaign. However, you can expect to see immediate results. In 10 to 15 minutes you will start getting auto likes; within an hour to 6 hours there will be likes and views; and in 1 to 3 days, you will have your followers.
This service should be activated in 1 to 6 hours. To make sure that you maximize the service, we highly suggest creating a new post at least 6 hours after placing your order to ensure that it is already active. This should let you get automatic likes on your Instagram account.
Certainly! All the auto likes and likes that you will receive on your Instagram account will look organic.
There will be no way for others to tell unless you let them know yourself. All the Instagram profiles that we use for our services look like any other legitimate accounts on Instagram. They have their own posts, photos, and network of followers. Expect for a steady increase on your followers, views, and likes with our proven effective methods. We also offer 1 year of Retention Guarantee that ensures you will be able to keep the result long-term. In case you lose followers within the said period, we will replace those that you lost.
Absolutely! We have a pool of influencers and users on the platform that we partner with and cautiously check. All of them have their own account, followers, and posts.
Don’t worry; we will not require your Instagram login information. Our methods do not involve accessing your account internally. Moreover, any information that you share with us will be kept private.
Rest assured that your Instagram account will never be banned. Our strategies are proven and tested to work; and we keep our results anonymous. We also ensure that we follow the guidelines, and terms and conditions of Instagram. Our company has not received even a single complaint of clients’ accounts being banned or their posts being deleted from Instagram throughout our years in the service.
They look like legitimate Instagram profiles. They will be people with various personalities, information, and pictures. This will give you a stronger social media presence, impressive profile, and steady followers.
Sure you can! We will be more than happy to provide the service that you require anytime that you want. Expect to get new followers that are different from the previous ones which you already received.
Our company has the highest standard when it comes to social media marketing. Our tactics and results remain anonymous, and we assure exceptional result that will strengthen your presence on Instagram. Getting more views, likes, and followers on Instagram with our help will steadily increase your credibility. It will be easier for you to connect with more users and grown your network. Your name will be known and you will become a trusted personality in your chosen niche.

Questions and Answers Related to Twitter

Absolutely safe. Our service works well within the constraints of Twitter and your account is 100% secure while using our service. We have over 15000 clients and have never had a case of an account getting closed from our service.
100% organic followers. GetCheapLikes provide a continual “growth” of organic followers through management, people who will only follow you if they are interested in your account, you will notice new followers, more comments and more post likes, since these are people who are showing actual interest.
Yes, absolutely! For large or custom orders, feel free to contact our support team for assistance. We will do our best to work with you on any and all specific services you require.
Of course! Your account is your own, and our service will run in the background. You will be able to use your account as you normally would.
No, they will not! The followers you have gained while using GetCheapLikes are yours! Remember – the followers you have gained are following you because they actively choose to, they are showing interest in your profile and who or what you have to offer.
One of our professional team members will begin to process your order and it will be completed within 48 to 72 hours.
100% organic Auto Engagement. ​​​​We market your profile and tweets to our vast marketing network in order to achieve the allocated numbers we sell. We help market your message to as many people as posslbe all for 1 monthly fee!

Questions and Answers Related to Soundcloud

We usually start campaigns in 1 to 2 days. The results may start to show within only a short period of commencing the campaign. . In 24 hours, you should receive the reposts, likes, and plays that you ordered on your SoundCloud account.
Absolutely not! There’s no way for them to know unless you tell them yourself.
You can have peace of mind knowing that we will never access your account. Our methods do not require us to login to your SoundCloud account so we will never ask for your login information. Moreover, we always ensure the safety and privacy of any information that you share with us.
Your track is guaranteed to be safe. Our system is proven to be safe and effective, just like you are receiving organic plays on tour track. We use techniques that do not involve access to your internal account, so your login details will never be required. The result of our service and our methods remain anonymous, further ensuring your track’s and account’s safety and security. Even if you accidentally tell anyone that you purchased plays from us, there should not be any problem. We are the most trusted service provider in this field. We have been expertly doing this for years and not once did we ever receive any complaint from clients about their tracks being deleted or their SoundCloud account being banned.
That’s a big YES! The plays on your tracks will come from sources from around the web that are carefully targeted and are quick to respond. We have unmatched experience in this industry and we have created an efficient system that will post your tracks on social media pages and websites that we know will play your tracks. Our top-notch service is offered with a full money-back guarantee.
Is it okay to make a re-purchase using the same SoundCloud account or track?
Sure thing! We are always ready to provide our service anytime you need it, even if it’s with the same SoundCloud account or track. We will deliver followers, comments, reposts, likes, and plays that are different from the previous ones that you had.
We have confidence in our service and we are sure that it will work. We will offer a full refund if we fail to deliver and our retention guarantee is also for life.

Questions and Answers Related to YouTube

Absolutely! We have carefully sourced sites that are quick to generate views. We have extensive experience in this area and we have come up with an exceptional system that lets us promote your videos on social media platforms and websites that we know will garner a lot of views. We are confident that we have the number one system in this business, which is also thoroughly tried and tested. We also offer full refund.
Yes! Our methods of gaining YouTube views are proven safe, as if you are getting organic views on your videos. We use strategies that follow the terms and conditions of YouTube. We will also not ask for your account’s login information. All the views that you will receive will look natural and will look like they came from various legitimate sources. You don’t have to worry about any issue even if others may know about it. We are the leading service provider in this field and not once did we ever receive a complaint about our clients having their YouTube videos deleted or their account being banned.
There is no way for them to know unless you tell them about it yourself.
No! We will never do that as our methods do not require any internal access to your account. Moreover, all the information that you share with us is guaranteed safe and secured.
We use proven safe and effective strategies in generating subscribers, likes, and views that are as safe as getting them through natural means. To relieve your worries, please know that we haven’t had any complaint from our clients regarding their videos being deleted or their YouTube account being banned.
We usually start the campaign in 1 or 2 days and results often appear within only a short time. Depending on the number of subscribers that you require, you will get them in as short as 1 day to a week. For the views, you should receive them in1 to 3 days.
You can definitely do that! We will be more than glad to help you in getting more views even if it’s on the same YouTube account or video; and you can do it anytime. Expect fresh subscribers, views, and likes each time you get our service.
We are confident that it will! In fact, we offer money back guarantee if we do not stay true to our promise. We also have lifetime guarantee when it comes to retention, which means that you will keep the views that we delivered for life.